Recycled Rubber On the Rise For Safety Surfacing

April 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Recycled rubber is not only functional as a safety surface it is also environmentally friendly in a number of ways. Produced entirely from high grade recycled tires, the resulting product line is used in public and private spaces to either enhance appearance or serve as a non-slip, soft landing surface. This is particularly helpful in areas where water or slippery materials may get on the floor such as bars, restaurants and marinas. When rubber playground mulch is used, the mulch absorbs the shock of any landings due to falls and the chance for injury is lessened. The same applies to sports centers and athletic fields.

Recycled rubber products are cost-effective and lack maintenance. The rubber is processed into a rubber landscaping mulch that is used in the same landscaping situations as wood bark or other mulch products. Once set, the synthetic mulch stays where it has been placed. It does not blow away or imbed itself into the dirt.

Trickle down positives include retention of moisture in the soil allowing for less watering and a resistance to mosquito larva and other pests. From an environmental standpoint, the rubber is being recycled, water is conserved, as is the forestry normally used in producing mulch. Pesticides and weed killers are not required and one of the largest conservation factors is found in the time it takes to maintain the product, which is virtually no time at all.

Safety factors extend to the non-polluting nature of the synthetic rubber material. The colors are non-toxic and non-staining making the surfaces both kid and pet friendly. The lack of a need for toxic chemicals in resisting insects, weeds and pests eliminates the chance of polluting the area water run-off.

Crumb rubber is a more finely processed product than the mulch. It is a proven improvement to sports fields using synthetic turf. Indoor stadiums now use a combination of materials to recreate the natural turf experience, including crumb rubber which provides extra shock absorption.

Recycled rubber offers a multitude of environmental and cost-effective benefits for the private and public consumer. In addition, the number of safety features it affords contributes to its use in more and more settings.