Legal Website Design Can Help Law Firms Beat the Slow Economy, Legal Web Experts Reports

April 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 19, 2011 (San Diego, CA) After analysis of a report recently published by the New York State Bar Association, legal web design and marketing firm Legal Web Experts reports that law firms will need to modify and update their legal practices in order to stay ahead during a rough economic period for attorneys. Among other key modifications, legal website design and programming services can help keep clients and help the firm run more efficiently. The slow economy means not only that fewer people are seeking legal assistance; the needs of those who do seek legal counsel as well as legal professionals' experiences working in law have also changed with the economy.

The report, titled "Report of the Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession," describes the changing climate within law and how the influence from the poor economic climate has affected the way law firms work. Beyond influencing client volume and services, the Bar Association's report claims that the troubled economy calls for changes in the structure and billing methods of private law firms, new practices in the education and training of attorneys, the ways a dedicated lawyer must reconcile his or her personal/family life with a demanding work environment, and technology's influence on legal firms. Clients are seeking to take more control of their legal services, have greater access to their attorneys, pay lower fees, and they are also more willing to fire their lawyer and seek a new one if they are unsatisfied with his or her performance. Many tasks within the office have been computerized, and the billing model has also been changed to reflect clients' ideals.

The influence of technological advances on law firms has affected the way offices are run as well as client expectations of legal services. As more access and off-hours interaction with their attorneys afforded by online services such as Virtual Law Offices has brought increased client satisfaction, clients are now more insistent than ever on having comprehensive and full-access legal aide.

The virtual law office system allows for full interaction online or over-the-phone between client and attorney. Much of this interaction occurs via an online portal, where clients can log in securely and store important legal documents as well as file forms and communicate with their attorney. "We are currently working with three clients who are integrating virtual law offices into their websites," reports Ryan Nelson, Director of Operations at Legal Web Experts. "When used properly, the system can save the law firm a lot of time and money." Lawyers who choose to implement a virtual law office system can leverage technology to work more efficiently. As client needs and expectations have increased, it is essential for attorneys to adapt technology in their firms in order to keep their clients satisfied.

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