Fake Security Program 'Win 7 Security 2011' Swindles Computer Users Out of Their Money

May 01, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
EnigmaSoftware.com has released a 'Win 7 Security 2011 Removal Report' to highlight the potentially devastating results one can have from the installation of this bogus PC security program. Within EnigmaSoftware.com's 'Win 7 Security 2011 Removal Report', resources are provided to assist computer users with complete removal of Win 7 Security 2011.

Win 7 Security 2011 is one of many fake security applications created by hackers, who intend to use aggressive techniques to swindle computer users out of their money. In the attempt of using sleazy techniques, these hackers have marketed and designed fake security applications such as Win 7 Security 2011 to closely resemble legitimate security programs for the PC. In doing so, Win 7 Security 2011 is thought to be a viable solution to detecting and removing malware on their computer but it is just the opposite. Win 7 Security 2011 is among a long list of rogue anti-spyware programs. Popular rogue anti-spyware programs are XP Anti-Virus 2011, XP Security 2011, and Vista Anti-Virus 2011.

In an effort to stop these cybercrooks that take advantage of computer users through illicit security apps such as Win 7 Security 2011, EnigmaSoftware.com provides resources to assist computer users in detecting and safely removing Win 7 Security 2011. Novice computer user should be careful when attempting to detect and remove files and registry entries related to Win 7 Security 2011 manually since any mistake could easily cause damage to the system.

Those who may have mistakenly purchased a full version of Win 7 Security 2011 will need to immediately contact their credit card company to make them aware of the scam and prevent future fraudulent charges.

Like any rogue anti-spyware program circulating the Web, Win 7 Security 2011 will not yield any legitimate results or alleviate any spyware problems. Basically, Win 7 Security 2011 is the spyware that installs on a PC without the computer user's knowledge.

EnigmaSoftware.com has provided a comprehensive solution to Win 7 Security 2011 in their Win 7 Security 2011 Removal Report. This report will assist computer users with detecting and removing the Win 7 Security 2011 program and can be found at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/win7security2011-removal/