Vista Security 2011 (Fake Security App) Pretends to be Associated with Windows Vista

May 01, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vista Security 2011 is a phony security application that was designed to mimick legitimate antispyware programs only to mislead computer users out of their money.

Vista Security 2011 has proven to be difficult to delete and annoying at the same time. Vista Security 2011 was designed with the intent to render a scam. The scam that Vista Security 2011 promotes is by making the interface closely resemble a trusted spyware removal tool so that computer users would naturally gain its trust. In the end, a computer user would ultimately end up purchasing a full version of Vista Security 2011 which puts their credit card information in the hands of cyber criminals.

Installation of Vista Security 2011 is known to occur without notification to the computer user resulting in unwelcomed alert messages and system scans to the user. The notifications are usually in the form of bogus messages that try to gain the user's attention by letting them know a 'threat' has been detected on their computer. Not only is the threat completely fabricated, but Vista Security 2011 is totally incapable of removing any type of threat including spyware, viruses, trojans and other known malware. Vista Security 2011 belongs to the same rogueware family as XP Home Security 2011, Vista Total Security 2011, Antivirus Antispyware 2011, and Best Malware Protection.

Vista Security 2011 is basically a useless program when it comes to the task of ridding a computer of malware. If purchased, Vista Security 2011 will not serve any purpose to a computer user in addition to the daunting task of trying to detect and delete it from the PC. The task of manually removing Vista Security 2011 is virtually impossible for beginner computer users. provides a comprehensible solution within their Vista Security 2011 removal report recently released on:

Computer users will not only find that the Vista Security 2011 removal report provides inclusive resources for removing Vista Security 2011, but it will help better understand the nature of fraudulent anti-spyware programs.

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