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May 05, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Francisco, CA May 5, 2011 Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, has lowered the price of the Apollo, the new dual mode LED Color-Changing Controller. This programmable controller has both DMX and pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs, offering an unprecedented level of versatility for LED light controllers. The Apollo can be used to control devices such as wall washers and PAR cans, or to drive three channels of PWM to control LED lighting fixtures like RGB strips lights and light bars. The new $149.99 price and the product's compact size and portability are key features that make this LED color changing controller a revolutionary development in lighting control.

"The main purpose of the Apollo was to create a low cost unit with high functionality," says Elemental LED Lead Engineer, Joe Martin, "There were other DMX products on the market, but they carried a much higher price tag and were very difficult for the lay person to use." The Apollo was designed completely in house by Elemental LED engineers, from the concept and circuit boards to the enclosure and companion software.

Lighting scenes for the Apollo Controller are created using the PC compatible companion software, the Apollo Scene Designer, also available for download at www.elementalLED.com. The software was designed specifically for use with the Apollo RGB Controller. Users can create lighting scenes on their computer with this software, and then upload them to the Apollo for playback. The interface boasts an intuitive, simple flowchart-style design, and utilizes cues such as "Fade to Color" and "Pause on a Color" so the user can construct scenes and preview them on the computer.

The engineers at Elemental LED designed the Apollo in response to requests from their customers. The product is geared towards lighting designers, artists, business owners, party throwers, and anyone else who wants to create pre-programmed lighting schemes on a budget. "For seasonal or performance or artistic expression, the Apollo is a response to that customer demand for their own lighting design creation," says JB Lowe, Customer Service Representative at Elemental LED.

The Apollo includes an easy to use manual for setting up and running the color changing LED system:

Step 1 Install the Apollo software onto a PC computer using the included USB stick or from www.elementalLED.com.

Step 2 Design up to 10 lighting scenes on the PC using the software.

Step 3 Connect the Apollo Controller to the computer using the included USB cable and transfer the customized lighting scenes to the Apollo Controller.

Step 4 Connect the Apollo Controller to the controllable LED lights by closely following the instructions included with the controller.

Step 5 Using the buttons and the numerical display on the Apollo, trigger any of the scenes through the existing LED lighting fixtures. They will repeat until you choose a different scene or turn the unit off. The Apollo has memory, so the next time you use the unit, it will run through the last scenes loaded onto it.

The Apollo Controller is available for purchase now. To order the Apollo, to learn more about how the Apollo LED Color Changing Controller can meet home and business lighting needs, and to get help selecting the right color changing LED lighting components, visit www.elementalled.com.

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