– Chiang Rai hosts auspicious Hindu ceremony between 6 and 12 June 2011

May 07, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News announces that devotees will be gathering in Chiang Rai to perform a sacred religious ceremony that will involve eight hours of chanting each day and special offerings being presented to the gods.

Ati Rudra Maha Yagna is a ceremony performed to create peace, health and welfare in the world and the word yagna means to offer a sacrifice of sacred items which include fruits, clarified butter, flowers, rice and other offerings into a fire. The fire is built within a specially constructed pit known as the homa kundam and by placing the items in the fire this acts as the pathway for them to be transferred to certain deities.

Devotees make offerings as they believe that the deva (the gods) coexist with mankind and by sustaining the deva they in turn will help to sustain the people.

As part of the ceremony which runs from 6th to 12th June 2011, two sessions will run each day which involve several hours of chanting. People looking to attend must be able to chant the Chamakam and Namakan continuously with the Namakam spoken 22 times and the Chamakam twice per day. Attendees also agree to stick to a strict vegetarian diet as a way of helping animals and purifying themselves.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The ceremonies are only held at a certain number of locations around the world so devotees will be coming from afar and this will lead to difficulties searching for a hotel Chiang Rai as many places will be taken up with those attending."