Community Colleges use Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software.

May 10, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software is also used by other Community Colleges such as Henry Ford Community College (Michigan, USA), Henry Cort Community College (UK), Houston Community College (USA) and many schools and universities all around the world.

Michael Marcus, CEO of Digital Recall says "In addition to our many educational institution users in the USA, Canada, South America, UK , Europe, Middle East (and of course Australia), we get much joy seeing educational institutions in countries such as Poland, Lebanon, and Estonia using our product. It reflects the fact that the product is useful to users world-wide, and that users will seek out good value. The low price of our product and its ease of use have resulted in users from countries far and wide finding good value in our digital signage software".

"The question most often asked of us is whether our price is a monthly cost. That's how low the price is. We enjoy the fact that what we provide is perceived by our users as good value.

"It's very satisfying when we receive emails such as the following from our Community College users:
"Good doing business with you" (Rockingham CC); "Digital Recall is a great product. We have been using it … and have been very happy with it" (Henry Ford CC)".

"We're proud to have been the World's First Free Digital Signage Software. When we started out many years ago, we set out to make our product easy to access, simple to use and free (or really inexpensive if you choose to upgrade the features). We recognised the need for digital signage, but we also recognised that the cost of software that was available at the time was simply prohibitive for many small/ medium businesses and institutions that don't have a large budget (or don't want to spend huge amounts). So we introduced ours. Free. That's a good price!!
Users can download the free version from our website ( Many users use the software in its free format. Its very functional and you can use numerous formats. see

If users want to increase the number of features available, it is simple to do so. Simply go to the Additional Software Options section on our Home page and select the ones you want to activate. The prices and feature-notes are available from our Home page. We also provide extensive User Manuals to enable users to DIY their system".

"NO ONGOING OR MONTHLY FEES and the fact that users use their own FTP or LAN in order to communicate between the Manager PC & Players makes the system even lower cost. We've just released a new version of our software with enhanced and improved functionality".

"We get much pleasure from the feedback that we receive from our customers. Not only in regard to the software, but also in regard to our service". Testimonials:

Digital Recalls Free Digital Signage Software (and manuals) can be downloaded directly from their website at

Digital Recall:
World's first free digital signage software.
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