Big Fireworks, Lansing-Based Fireworks Distributor, Pro Shells DOT Compliance Renewal

May 10, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fireworks distributor, Big Fireworks, announces the renewal of their compliance approval by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for their Pro Shells kit.

All firework explosives must be classified and approved by the DOT Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety in order to be deemed legal for transportation and distribution in the United States. Under this classification system, all Fireworks are labeled as one of the following:

- Division 1.1G UN0333 (Mass Explosion Possible): These fireworks are only used by professional pyrotechnicians

- Division 1.3G UN0335 (Fire, Minor Blast): This class of fireworks is most often used for professional fireworks display

- Division 1.4G UN0336 (Minor Explosion Hazard Confined To Package): These fireworks are considered safe for use by average consumers

The Pro Shells from Big Firework fit within the 1.4G class and are legal for consumer use and transportation, pending individual state laws. Big Firework's Pro Shells meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's requirements and surpass DOT requirements. Big Firework's Pro Shells hold exactly 60 grams of explosive powder in each shell which lays in strict adherence with the CPSC requirements. As an added measure of safety, DOT requirements necessitate that there be a fiberglass tube connected to every 400 grams of powder. Pro Shells, in order to surpass the safety regulations of DOT, ensure that there is one high quality fiberglass tube connected to every 360 grams of powder, surpassing the DOT requirement by 10%.

Big Firework's highly rated Pro Shells kit contains 24 professional quality canister shells with four reloadable tubes per kit. The kit features assorted effects and each shell is marked with its associated effect. According to reviews the Pro Shells kit offers some of the best effects available in the 1.4G fireworks class.

Big Fireworks is committed to being the best. This means offering customers the highest quality, widest variety and, most importantly, the safest sparklers and fireworks for sale on the market.