Outsource Marketing Group of Los Angeles Announces Direct Marketing Copy and Content Services … Because Good Marketing Writers are Hard to Find

May 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the onslaught of electronic media, the art of copywriting has changed dramatically. It has gotten more restrictive and less forgiving. It has gotten more impactful and less patient. One thing remains clear; however, if you want to market a product or a service in 2011, you need the services of a very good writer now more than ever.

Good writing is at the core of good marketing. A TV spot is only as good as its script. A website is only as good as its content. A Print Ad is only as good as its copy. A product offer is only as good as how well it persuades the consumer to take an action. Whether one needs the verbosity of an advertorial or the sparing character limitations of a Google or Facebook Ad … good copy is an art form and good writers are quite simply disappearing.

It was bound to happen. Calculators made us weaker at math. Spell check made us poor spellers. Programmable phones made us more forgetful. And now Texting in Icons and Acronyms that replace feelings and self-expression has severely limited our ability to market, sell, and create a Call-to-Action.

Years ago, our mothers' generation recorded things in short-hand, an abbreviated writing method for rapid note-taking that saw its hey-day in the 1950's. Short-hand systems go as far back as Ancient Greece where we find evidence of symbol-based writings carved in marble slabs in the Parthenon. But there was no lack of expression amongst the Ancient Greeks or in 1950's America. Yesterday's stenographers ultimately translated their symbols into full phrases, bold emotion, and well-penned thoughts.

So the job of today's writers is to do, precisely that … translate modern symbols to and from common feelings. One cannot possibly hope to explain, describe, illustrate, elucidate, clarify, and express the attributes of a TV, Web, Print or multi-channel product without being able to paint it with words.

Today's marketing writers may very well be the last remaining "empiricists" or those who hold the view that the senses are the only form of knowledge and that "sense words" are the root of all learning. These stalwart linguists are hell bent on reestablishing the natural impact of language whether through historical, evolutionary, sociological, or neurological means.

At Outsource Marketing Group, our marketing palette contains an arsenal of sensory words, terms and expressions. We receive wide-ranging requests to write video scripts, ads, business plans, presentations, speeches and even comedy skits. We consider ourselves word-artists and endangered anti-rationalists toying with the tabula rasa (clean slate) that is the consumer mind and filling it and enriching it with those things that it most desperately needs … in the next twenty minutes!

Trish Mahon is President of Outsource Marketing Group, Inc. A multi-channel Marketing Company located in Los Angeles, CA. WWW.OMG-USA.COM