Local company seeks to improve way golf courses market themselves.

October 23, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Bellevue, WA – Quickshow, a local media services company, has recently developed an improved way for the golf industry to utilize viral marketing. “Opt-In email marketing is a vital part of any golf courses marketing mix.” Said John Morgan, former golf professional in charge of the Trophy Lake golf club newsletter for eight years. “With Quickshow, a course owner can quickly adapt their campaign to match blank spots in the tee time schedule.”

With Quickshow, golf course promoters are provided with the tools necessary to compete in today’s media rich environment. Said Rick Dorey, CEO of Quickshow, LLC. Golfers today are more informed and demand to see as much about a course as possible before scheduling a tee time.

Quickshow combines many of the World Wide Web’s most dynamic and promising technologies in a way that makes building media rich slideshows easier for sales professionals directly responsible for the success of what they are selling. Said Ryan Lynd, Creative Director for Quickshow, LLC. “The idea is simple; take out the time and expenses typically required for building a campaign like Quickshow’s and put the control of the campaign back in the hands of those responsible for it and companies will turn a profit.”

4 GOLF, an optional service to enhance Quickshow, is an interactive tour that provides the viewer with a first hand look at the course from their computer chair. All the important information about your course is displayed at the time when a potential player is deciding to make a tee time. Golfers are provided with more information giving them the opportunity to make a more in-depth decision on whether or not this is the course for them.

About Quickshow
Quickshow is a Seattle-based software company. The Quickshow product is designed to allow businesses, charitable organizations, etc. to quickly create and cost-effectively deliver audio, visual, text and video effects though email and on the internet. Users include golf courses, real estate brokers, retail sales, manufacturers, and politicians. For more information visit: http://www.quickshow.com/golf