Local Houston Area Print Company Gives Back to Non Profit That Promote Green initiatives

May 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
HOUSTON, Texas (May 18, , 2011) - Inspired by Earth Day celebrations this past April, starting May 1st Houston's largest printer Catdi, Inc. will begin donating 5% of net sales of all green printing services to local Houston area non-profit organizations as part of their new green initiative. CEO/President Carlos De Santos is excited for the initiative and believes that the company will be able to "donate up to $10,000 on its green print initiative alone." With all of the funds raised going to various Houston area non-profits.

Already at the forefront of green printing, Catdi, Inc. offers its clients a wide range of print services for the eco-conscious. Since the company was founded in 2005, Catdi, Inc. has held to the principle of being as ecologically sound as possible for a print company. With this guiding principal the company strives to find new ways to make its printing processes greener.

Such initiative and innovation has led Catdi, Inc. to being one of only a few printers in the Houston area to use exclusively soy based printing inks instead of the more traditional petroleum-based inks. This is because soy based inks are a much more eco-friendly option before, during, and after the printing process.

Soy based inks are made from renewable resources, thus they put less strain on ever scarcer natural resources than their more traditional petroleum based counterparts. As well the bio-degradability of soy based inks helps to reduce the waste issues of the post print process. However, the real advantage of soy based inks is that they contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC's) than petroleum based inks. This helps to reduce the damage done to the ozone by VOC's as fewer are released into the environment during the printing process.

The use of soy based inks by Catdi, Inc. gives their clients the ability to order eco-friendly print services. However, for those clients that do want a little extra, the company does offer the ability to print on recycled cardstocks ranging from 15% to 100% recycled content. While recycled cardstock tends to cost a little extra, by offering such a range of options featuring different amounts of recycled content, Catdi, Inc. is able to give all their clients the ability to print green affordably.

Soy based inks and recycled card stocks help to improve the printing process, making it more eco-friendly. However printing can still be a relatively dirty industry with a large carbon footprint. The cutting of trees for the paper on which to print is the greatest contributor to the carbon footprint of most printers. Recognizing this, Catdi, Inc. participates in tree replanting in order to reduce their carbon foot and restore the one natural resource they use most, trees. The new trees planted will be able to supply paper for future generations and also help reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

By launching this new green initiative Catdi, Inc. is hoping to highlight the many green print services they offer as well as adding to the company's already solid green position. As CEO/President Carlos De Santos explains, "the contribution of 5% of net sales of our green printing services should help to convince clients to pay that little bit extra for greener prints." And with the company position as the largest printer in Houston this new initiative if successful should have some impact both environmentally and socially, as the proceeds go toward local Houston non-profits.

Catdi, Inc. has big plans this summer as they hope to move from not only being Houston's largest printer but their greenest one as well. To find out more about this initiative and others of the company, be sure to visit www.catdi.com & http://www.catdi.com/printing/commercial-printing/ and like them on Facebook or meet them in person by stopping by their offices located at 1724 Richmond Ave, Suite C., Houston Texas 77098.