Fake 'Windows Restore' Program Tricks Users into Thinking it's a Microsoft Tool

May 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
EnigmaSoftware.com has updated and released a new removal report for a fake optimization application that goes by the name of Windows Restore. The Windows Restore removal report outlines unwanted symptoms and provides exclusive resource to remove the fake Windows Restore program.

The Windows Restore Removal Report confirms several symptoms after the installation of the bogus Windows Restore. It's essential to spot Windows Restore's symptoms in order to effectively get rid of the fake Windows Restore.

Windows Restore is sometimes referred to as 'System Restore' which may be commonly misconstrued among computer users who initially interpret the words 'Windows Restore' or 'System Restore' to be associated to restoring/re-installing the Windows operating system. Windows Restore creators have purposely given this fake optimization program its name to mislead computer users. Anything related to Windows or an application that resembles a Windows component is more likely to be trusted by a large majority of computer users.

EnigmaSoftware.com's Windows Restore Removal Report explains the origins of Windows Restore and how to prevent future installations of other fake optimization programs like Windows Restore. The fake Windows Restore has a large family of related bogus PC optimization applications such as System Restore, Windows Tool, Windows Scan, Windows Disk, Windows Diagnostic, and so many more.

Any slight trust in the Windows Restore program could warrant the creators of this bogus security application a big pay day in the form of Windows Restore successfully enticing computer users to purchase a 'full edition' of Windows Restore. The full version, or licensed for Windows Restore, as stated in the EnigmaSoftware.com's Windows Restore Removal Report, is basically nonexistent. Windows Restore makes false claims about the state of the system that it is installed on; therefore, it should not be trusted for the task of speeding up or optimizing a PC.

The Windows Restore Removal Report can be viewed in its entirety at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/fakewindowsrestore-removal/ which includes select detection and removal resources to aid in the process of completely and safely removing Windows Restore from a Windows-based PC.