Fake Program Essential Cleaner Targets Gullible PC Users in an Effort to Swindle Them Out of Their Money

May 20, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A new removal report for the rogue anti-spyware program, known as Essential Cleaner, has been released by EnigmaSoftware.com pointing out several aspects of how the Essential Cleaner program is capable of misleading computer users.

Essential Cleaner is a fake PC security application that appears to resemble legitimate malware-removing programs currently available through trusted software vendors.

The fake Essential Cleaner program has an intricate interface that may visually appear to be inviting to novice computer users. In addition to the interface, Essential Cleaner is known to display a plethora of system alert messages that come off as scary reports of the computer being in serious risk. These alerts come in the form of system warnings that attempt to notify the computer user of threats detected by Essential Cleaner. In reality, those threats are fabricated and, since the alerts fake, there's no reason to purchase a full version of Essential Cleaner. In actuality, the threat is Essential Cleaner. Essential Cleaner is another variant of rogueware such as MS Removal Tool, Windows Repair, CleanThis and Best Malware Protection.

The Essential Cleaner Removal Report reveals several surprising aspects of Essential Cleaner, such as the fact that it may be bundled with a Trojan horse, which could redirect a computer user's system to a malicious site. Additionally, the removal report explains how the pop-up alerts and system scans are primarily designed to trick computer users into purchasing the full version of Essential Cleaner.

Essential Cleaner is clearly identified as a scam. Essential Cleaner is a serious threat because it puts computer users in a situation where they're providing their personal information (credit card) to scammers, and, therefore, putting their identity at risk.

The Essential Cleaner Removal Report is able to assist computer users with detection and safe removal of Essential Cleaner through an automated process or manually by utilization the list of Essential Cleaner related files and registry entries. EnigmaSoftware.com urges only advanced computer users to attempt manual removal as it could be very risk and potentially cause damage to the Windows registry.

The complete Essential Cleaner Removal Report can be viewed directly on the EnigmaSoftware.com website at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/essentialcleaner-removal/