Vernon Hills Pediatric Dentist Explains Concerns about Pacifier Use, Shares Latest Research

May 24, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS - Parents and caregivers use whatever resources are available when trying to soothe a fussy baby, including pacifiers, but pacifier use can compromise how teeth align, according to an Affiliated Dental Specialists' Vernon Hills dentist.

Some of the dental problems that may be exacerbated or caused by pacifier use are an open bite, posterior cross bite and changing the shape of the top jaw, according to the Vernon Hills dentistry experts.

However, a recent research study tested a pacifier that does not cause problems, relieving caregivers and parents' worry that they are compromising the child's dental health.

"It's the type of pacifier and how hard they are sucking on it, not necessarily the length of time per day the child uses a pacifier," said Dr. David Maddox, a Vernon Hills pediatric dentist.

The study followed long-term changes in the dentition of 121 infants and published the findings in the Pediatric Dentistry Journal. They found that infants using Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifiers showed significantly less cases of open bites compared to the Nuk pacifiers, said Dr. James Orbon, a Vernon Hills kids' dentistry practitioner. Also, there was no statistically significant difference between the children using Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifiers and children using no pacifier or non-nutritive sucking.

Parents and caregivers who are concerned about how pacifier, thumb or finger sucking is affecting a child's dental development should immediately schedule an appointment with their children's dentist. Vernon Hills, IL pediatric specialist Dr. Cameron Wagner was concerned about how pacifier use would affect his new baby, so after reading the article in January/February 2011 issue, he bought several Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifiers.

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