Don't Give Burglars an Easy Way In Warns Crime Prevention Products

May 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Door security is the first frontier against burglary for this reason, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products strongly advise consumers to ensure that their primary entry points are thoroughly safe-guarded. To this end, any reputable security provider can offer a range of products to suit every budget.

By buying an easily installable Door Alarm, a major source of temptation for opportunistic criminals is thwarted. Research of victim interviews has demonstrated that around 87% of break-ins occur when intruders targeted doors that were not properly secured with simple tools such as screwdrivers or crowbars, while in comparison they were rarely bold enough to try gain access by breaking a double-pane window.

Studies have also shown that door frames can often be easily split with little force, and lower quality deadbolts fail quickly without a tremendous amount of pressure.

It's important to match the right product to the type of door that each individual property contains. Door types range from solid wood and panel doors to metal skinned wood-edged doors and metal edge-wrapped models. Generally, quality door frames are made from solid wood, with residential doors frequently being partially hollow and partially wood. The metal reinforced varieties tend to be used more for commercial purposes.

Apart from door break-in deterrents such as door chains, deadbolts and door strike reinforcers (these secure the deadbolt directly to a wall, making the door much more resistant to force), door alarms are effective at notifying residents when an intruder is trying to gain access and scaring off the would-be burglar by their attention grabbing sound.

In addition, another simple deterrent recommended by the police is to increase entry visibility by clearing shrubs which are located near doorways - this reduces the chance of a burglar being comfortably hidden from public view. An outdoor light which switches on when it detects motion is also an advisable measure to compliment a door alarm.

Terry Rattee, owner of trusted security company Crime Prevention Products, commented on this door security issue: "Front doors, back doors and side doors are all the first port of call when criminals are scanning a property to see whether it will be an easy target. It's not always easy to prevent burglars from trying to gain access, and many doors are below par when it comes to withstanding even a modicum of force. We recommend everyone use a door alarm to deter intruders the noise and attention alone is enough to effectively stop them in their tracks, not to mention the peace of mind you get from knowing that if any criminal tries their luck, you'll be notified quickly and can take the appropriate steps."

A further boon that a door alarm will offer is to alert the neighbours that a break-in attempt is being made when residents are not at home, so that they can then call the police.