New Fairbanks FB3000 Weighing Indicator - Powered by Formula Control & Lot Traceability Program from SG Systems LLC

May 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Thousands of dollars each year are wasted by scaling errors, causing scrapped batches, material variance & over-usage. Discover a solution which increases your bottom line, prevents ingredient scaling waste and delivers worry free lot & batch number traceability. The FB3000 Formula Control Scale is available out of the box (lb or kg) and may be upgraded to the well respected Networked system, with inventory control & ERP/MRP linkup.

The software (supplied by SG Systems LLC) is well proven, with over 2000 companies running the program worldwide. The new partnership takes advantage of the excellent Fairbanks FB3000 Intelligent Weighing Indicator - essentially an industrialized PC in a box, loaded with Inputs and Outputs for factory automation.

As weight is added to the scale, the needle moves towards the target green weight zone. Blue means 'too light', Red means 'too much'. In order to move to the next ingredient, the operator must weigh the ingredient to tolerances which the formula commands (+/- configurable).

In other words, it forces operators to weigh material with greater precision. The result, is a proven $ saving of ingredients. Typically between 2 & 6% of your annual ingredient expenditure. The Lot number screen (calls for lot numbers in-between ingredients) allows lot numbers to be recorded for each weighed ingredient. (This will integrate with ERP in the advanced version).

USB (PDF) Ingredient Usage & Recipe Batch Reports

The 'Stand Alone' system features attached in this release. The reports allow you to view which lot numbers have been weighed into the batches. The Ingredient Usage report is excellent for demonstrating traceability during audits. These reports replace operator hand written records and are backed up on the internal 60Gb disk, giving years of traceability. The reports are generated in PDF's (whenever you need them), transferred to a regular USB drive then opened up an a regular office PC.

Full Application Reports are available on the website - Lease now from just $299 per month