Fairbanks FB3000 Weighing Controller - Now available with SG Systems Batching & Ingredient Traceability Software! ERP Ready

May 29, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Thousands of dollars each year are wasted by scaling errors, causing scrapped batches, material variance & over-usage.

Discover a solution which increases your bottom line, prevents ingredient scaling waste and delivers worry free lot & batch number traceability.

The Fairbanks FB3000 Formula Control & Lot Traceability System is available with ERP links to software systems such as SAP Syspro JD Edwards ROSS Cybake Great Plains and MAS.

Formulas, Ingredients, Inventory and Production requirements can be exported from the ERP System directly to the Fairbanks FB3000. This seamless interface significantly reduces data handling time and mistakes with associated with the manual recording of data.

As weight is added to the scale, the needle moves towards the target green weight zone. Blue means 'too light', Red means 'too much'. In order to move to the next ingredient, the operator must weigh the ingredient to tolerances which the ERP applies to the ingredient steps in a formula.

In other words, it forces operators to weigh material with greater precision. The result, is a proven $ saving of ingredients. Typically between 2 & 6% of your annual ingredient costs. The Lot number screen (calls for lot numbers in-between ingredients) allows lot numbers to be validated against inventory within the ERP System and the usages automatically pushed back, providing perpetual inventory. This automation generates a traceability matrix which is self managing.

The Fairbanks FB3000 enables ERP Systems such as SAP Syspro JD Edwards ROSS Cybake Great Plains and MAS to be updated in real time with production and inventory data, making the ERP Scale essential for companies looking to eliminate double handling of traceability data.

Bar-code Labels can be printed for each batch which is weighed (or the individual ingredients), printing data relating to the batch number, formula code, weight, expiration date, operator and also the production location. These labels can be scanned for onward traceability.