VEXXHOST Launches Fully Redundant & Scalable Cloud Hosting Service

June 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
VEXXHOST ( is proud to announce it's new fully redundant, scalable cloud web hosting service. The cloud hosting ( platform allows customers to create fully customized Linux or Microsoft Windows servers instantly and gain full administration access to them. This technology allows for businesses to deploy their applications on the cloud with no large up-front investments without limiting their scalability options. The cloud hosting platform ( is primarily aimed for developers, virtual server and dedicated server clients.

Developers can use the cloud in order to deploy their applications at a very low cost. Developers can deploy an application for one day and then terminate it and only pay for what they use. Alternatively, it provides developers with an easy to scale platform for their application with extremely competitive pricing that provides developers with a very strong platform to grow their applications on.

Users of virtual servers have several advantages to upgrade and move onto a cloud hosting ( server. One of the biggest advantages of switching to the cloud is the pricing advantage that comes from the user being able to select their own resources. With current virtual server providers, the user are locked in to a preset list of plans that make it impossible to significantly increase memory resources without being forced to pay for extra disk space. In the cloud, the user is able to increase or decrease select resources without limitations.

Dedicated servers clients have the ability to start with any low-end server and upgrade to a high-end server within 2-5 minutes. The time taken to provision a server is significantly decreased as well. Usually, servers take up to 24 hours to be setup, whereas they take 5 minutes to be deployed on the cloud. Upgrades are also a very long process that involves a lot of interaction with the datacenter and coordination, alternatively, a cloud user can complete an upgrade instantly from the self-service system and it would be completed in minutes. Another advantage is that cloud servers are always placed on high-end hardware with the cloud, regardless of the price or server size, whereas if a client pay for a low-end server, their server will be on commodity hardware that cannot be upgraded easily and might have limitations.

The biggest advantage that is available to all types of customers is the large amount of redundancy in the platform. The cloud data is stored on high-end Dell™ storage systems with built-in redundancy to tolerate an entire system, network, drive or power failure, with zero downtime.

The latest Cisco™ routers and switches power VEXXHOST's entire network. The internal storage network can tolerate any internal switch failure with zero downtime. VEXXHOST's global network is connected to numerous network providers using BGPv4 that is optimized for best path routing as well as built-in redundancy.

The cloud hypervisors are all powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors and run high-end reliable hardware, unlike other providers which offer their cloud on commodity servers. The cloud can also suffer a full hypervisor failure and the cloud server would simply restart on another hypervisor instantly, which reduces downtime to 2-4 minutes only.

Dell™ is a trademark of Dell Computer Corporation. Cisco™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Intel® and Xeon® are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.