– Buddhist Lent sees merit making activities all over Koh Samet

June 04, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News divulges that this July will see Buddhists in Koh Samet and around Thailand being especially attentive to doing good deeds and making merit for the beginning of Buddhist Lent.

An event that has been observed since the time of the Buddha, Khao Phansa sees monks retreating into the temples for meditation, reflection and to continue their studies. As the monks stay within the complex it's common to see laypeople going to give food in the mornings as the ordination relies solely on donations. The people believe that by giving to monks they are also sustaining the religion and the teachings of Buddha himself.

A retreat of three months is carried out, as July through to October is a period of heavy rain which means that monks are more susceptible to accidently stepping on creatures hidden under the fallen leaves. As killing is forbidden, to reduce the chance of hurting another life, the monks stay at the temples until the rains have stopped.

The event begins on the day of the waning of the moon which will be on 16th July in the eighth month by the lunar calendar and is determined by the waxing moon in the eleventh month. Visitors hoping to stay at a Koh Samet hotel will find it busier during this time as more people, especially from Bangkok, go to visit the island.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "It can be more difficult to find a hotel as an increasing number of people use the time as holiday so early reservations are necessary."