Recruitment Assessment Tool Pro.file Performance System Wins Bid for LaFarge Contract

June 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Edmonton, Alberta, June 9, 2011 Pro.file Performance System, a world class personality assessment test and talent development technology designed in Canada to provide strategic HR solutions to small entrepreneurial organizations through to large corporations, announced today that it has added LaFarge North America, the world's leading diversified provider of building materials, to its family of clients.

LaFarge's decision to partner with Pro.file Performance System came as a result of a company initiative to revamp LaFarge's recruitment and talent selection processes.

As a premier Canadian personality assessment tool in the talent management industry, Pro.file Performance System specializes in providing clients with a strategic recruitment tool to reinforce and improve current recruitment practices. Pro.file Performance System (PPS), is a sophisticated personality assessment tool that allows organizations to better understand the personality of both a job and a person to more effectively select candidates for available positions. Pro.file Performance System was designed to give hiring managers clear and insightful information into employee strengths, abilities and behavioural motivations. These insights into employee personalities allow managers to more effectively select and allocate talent within the organization.

Since LaFarge has been licensed to use PPS across Canada and the US within their Aggregates and Concrete, Cement, Gypsum and Corporate Divisions, multiple training sessions were held to instruct LaFarge managers, directors and executives on how to use the personality assessment and job modeling tools. During the training sessions, 42 LaFarge HR staff learned how to use specific PPS tools to map out ideal job models, and interpret candidate personality profiles. Mike Moreau, Director of Client Development, had this to say about the success of the training session:

"You could feel how excited our partners at LaFarge were about the potential of the tool during training due to the framework the system lays out and the deep insights provided. As a result, the buy-in from other department managers, directors and executive has been stronger than anticipated, and everyone is looking forward to the impact these tools with have on LaFarge's hiring capabilities." Mike Moreau, Director of Client Development.

About Pro.file Performance System

Pro.file Performance System is a world class personality assessment tool and talent development technology designed to help build high performance organizations through deep insight into human behaviour. Through a combination of assessment technology and specialized training, organizations learn the impact personality has on individual and team performance. They develop a unique framework and language that enables them to discuss, define, find and develop high performance in their staff.