Personal Injury Attorney Robert A. Clifford writes about "Choosing Jurors in This New World." A free article from Clifford Law Offices

June 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
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In recent years, the number of jury trials that take place is decreasing, but that does not mean that the importance of voir dire or the significance of the selection of juries has fallen off as well. In fact, the interview process may be more important than ever.

Robert Clifford, the nationally renowned personal injury attorney based out of Chicago, wrote about the evolving process of jury selection in his column "
“>Choosing Jurors In This New World
" for the Chicago Lawyer. Mr. Clifford says that while in the past laziness and/or selfishness may have been a plausible explanation for reluctance to serve on jury duty, today the faltering economy is to blame; people believe that they cannot afford to miss work to serve in lengthy trials. Mr. Clifford also brings to light the fact that during the process of voir dire, potential jurors are more willing than ever to tell you exactly how they feel (their biases, feelings on issues, etc.). Lawyers today must be reminded that assessing the ability of a potential juror to be objective is still of the utmost importance in a time when prospective jurors do not hesitate to assert themselves.

"There has been a very positive response to these articles, and we will offer more soon," says Robert A. Clifford, Founder.

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