New Bed Bug Pest Control Dog Sniffs out Infestations in the Northwest

June 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Olympia, WA Bed bugs may be masters at concealing themselves in tiny crevices around your home, but they can't hide from Spring, a one-year-old Jack Russell and rat terrier mix, and the newest addition to the Eden Advanced Pest Technologies K9 inspection unit.

Trained daily to sniff out bed bugs, nymphs and eggs that are difficult for humans to spot, Spring can detect bed bugs with 97 percent accuracy a far higher success rate than that of traditional visual inspections. Spring travels between Everett, Wash. and Portland, Ore. to conduct bed bug pest control inspections in hotels, shelters and other structures.

Eden's bed bug pest control program is increasingly employing dogs to uncover these elusive pests, which burrow into mattresses, bedding, carpeting and other crevices and surface at night to feed on the blood of their victims. Once virtually eradicated in the United States, bed bugs have re-emerged in full force to plague hotels, apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings with their harmless but annoying bite.

"Our bed bug dogs can search more rooms in a shorter period of time than a human can," said Jack Marlowe, CEO of Eden Advanced Pest Technologies. "Our clients have been impressed by Spring's ability to accurately locate bed bugs, and they're learning to trust her as an added benefit to our Bed Bug Response Plan."

Bed bugs are as difficult to eliminate as they are to detect. Effective bed bug pest control methods include protective mattress encasements and heat treatments that blast the area with temperatures greater than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, killing the pests at all stages of life.

A canine bed bug inspection can help identify an infestation much more quickly and efficiently than the visual method. When scheduling a canine inspection, keep the following guidelines in mind:

— Remove pets from the unit before the inspection.

— Clear the room of obstructions. Wherever possible, allow at least three feet of clearance for the canine to inspect around the unit.

— Tenants and owners will be required to leave the unit during the inspection.

— Do not use any pesticides before the inspection. Immediately notify the canine's handler of any previous pesticide treatments.

— Place all food at kitchen counter level or higher, and sweep or vacuum floors to remove crumbs.

— Please do not approach the canine or handler at any time during the inspection.

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