Abahna Lilac Rose & Geranium Scented Candles Released to Compliment New Fragrance Collection

June 12, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Abahna has created a brand new fragrance, which combines the seductive scents of roses and geraniums for a truly decadent bathing experience. The range is accompanied by a new collection of matching scented candles to create the perfect ambience for total relaxation.

Abahna lilac rose & geranium scented candles are fragranced with pure essential oils which fill the room with a wonderful aroma, and provide soft mood lighting to compliment its opulent range of bathing products. As with its bath foams and lotions, Abahna scented candles are handmade from the finest natural ingredients, and use 100% natural wax free from palm oil for a clean, smoke free burn.

"To get the full benefit of our fragrances it helps to lie back and relax with soft mood lighting from one of our luxury scented candles. Match the scent with the bath foam or bath oil, put on some soft classical music, and just let the essential oils work their magic" says Claire Croft, co-founder of Abahna.

The senses are all interconnected, and combining sight, sound, and smell creates the perfect ambience for relaxation. By taking advantage of the full range of Abahna's exquisite bathing products, daily cleansing can be turned into a ritual of pampering to get the morning off to a perfect start, or help to fully relax after a difficult day at work. Making daily bathing more of a treat for the senses enhances the sense of well being, whilst Abahna's luxurious products cleanse and soften the skin. Getting the lighting right with Abahna Lilac Rose & Geranium Scented Candles helps to set the scene, and fills the bathroom with delicate floral aromas which have a wonderful calming effect on the whole body.

"We wanted to create a full range of products to give the full spa experience in the comfort of your own home, to help overcome the stresses of modern life. It's amazing how simple scents can have such a profound effect on the mood, and can lift spirits, ease stress, and bring back balance and inner harmony" says Claire.

Abahna has recently been recognised for its excellence by Walpole British Luxury, and consistently wins praise for its exquisitely scented bathing products, lotions and candles. Its lilac rose & geranium scented candles are perfect for creating a romantic setting for an evening at home, and can be combined with its rich and creamy bath foam for a gloriously decadent bathing experience. Abahna's products are chosen by A-list Hollywood celebrities, the Royal household and by former prime ministers, to help relax after a day in the media spotlight and to help cope with day to day stresses.

Abahna believes that luxury should be affordable, and has adopted a highly competitive pricing strategy to add a level of opulence for day to day bathing. Its lilac rose & geranium scented candles offer excellent value for money, lasting for up to 40 hours, with the scents preserved when not in use with a beautiful gold lid. The luxurious range includes exquisite slide drawer boxes with gold print detail, with each item being beautifully packaged making them perfect for thoughtful birthday gifts.

For further information on Abahna Lilac Rose & Geranium scented candles and accompanying bathing products visit: http://www.abahna.co.uk/