Application Idea Generator Offers Personal Creative Works for Marketing Micro-funding

June 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
My Alibi application nearly ready for market. Developer and idea generator partner with crowd sourcing company to fund marketing effort.

Stanley Williams is a teacher who has released an album, titled Steps, on itunes and other digital markets, and an author of two children's books, Willie's Dad, and Not Me, from He is also an application idea generator. He has partnered with, an application incubator.

Appubator is developing Williams' application idea, My Alibi, which Williams describes as "a social alibi, excuse and rationalization engine designed to provide app holders with unlimited alibis for their entertainment". To fund the marketing of the application, Williams has partnered with, a web-based crowd sourcing company to seek small contributions from interested parties, in return for some of Williams' creative works. He is offering mp3 copies of selected songs from his new album, including the title track, as well as pdf versions of his children's books, and a live reading of one of his books, via skype, in return for contributions at defined levels.