Foxfly to launch group messaging app targeting business networkers

June 20, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
With group messaging industry under attack by Apple, Foxfly, the producer of group messaging app, Foxfly Messenger, is to launch a group messaging app targeting business networkers.

The group messaging industry, which includes WhatsApp, GroupMe, and Facebook's Beluga, took a big hit recently when Apple announced that they are entering the market with their own iMessage service. Although it is unclear whether Apple will expand its service to other platforms, it is clear that group messaging startups will need to make changes to stay relevant in the long-term.

Foxfly is leading that transformation with the launch of Foxfly Pro. Positioned as the local LinkedIn, Foxfly Pro offers business networkers an easy way to discover and connect with potential clients, investors, and recruits at business events and in their neighborhood.

Anyone who's been to a conference or networking event knows that the night usually ends with either, (a) a stack of useless business cards or (b) feeling tipsy from nervously drinking at the bar by yourself the whole night. Business networkers armed with the Foxfly Pro iPhone or Android app save time (and their livers) by easily searching a mobile attendee directory and contacting those they are most interested in meeting.

Following the idea that "birds of a feather, flock together," group chats are formed automatically when users connect and can be joined by other nearby users. This enhances the speed at which users discover and connect with their desired counterparts. Like a cocktail party, groups grow and shrink, merge and disperse, creating a truly "elastic network."

Foxfly is based in Beijing and is lead by Robert Hsiung, a Stanford MBA and serial entrepreneur. The team includes top developers from firms including JiePang and WZSF (regarded as the Foursquare(s) of China), Lenovo, and NASDAQ listed VanceInfo. Foxfly is lining up event partners around the world to bring this service to their attendees. Foxfly Pro is slated to go live on the Apple AppStore and Android App Market in late July.