PC Users Plagued with the Fake Security Application 'Windows Vista Restore'

June 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A security tool that goes by the name of Windows Vista Restore was discovered by EnigmaSoftware.com, among other trusted security research sites, to be a counterfeit security application for the PC.

The Windows Vista Restore program is one that attempts to copy the look and feel of the Windows Vista operating system. This is done so that Windows Vista Restore may gain the trust of gullible computer users. That trust is put to the test after Windows Vista Restore is installed, either from a Trojan horse or through a 'drive-by download', and starts to render deceptive notification messages. These Windows Vista Restore messages consist of pop-up alerts that attempt to warn computer users of detected threats on their system.

EnigmaSoftware.com has a newly released Windows Vista Restore Removal Report that warns computer users of Windows Vista Restore. Windows Vista Restore attempts to mislead users through the fake pop-up alerts and system scan results. The removal report also states the fact that the same file named Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64.a is detected no matter what computer Windows Vista Restore is installed on. Windows Vista Restore may become seriously aggravating after viewing a multitude of its bogus pop-up alerts. Windows Vista Restore is not a legitimate Windows tools and is a clone of Windows 7 Restore, Windows XP Restore, and Windows Concern System.

It is suggested in the EnigmaSoftware.com Windows Vista Restore Removal Report that computer users should take the time out to learn about Windows Vista Restore before purchasing it. Because Windows Vista Restore is unable to remove or detect legitimate infections, it does not justify the price of purchasing a 'registered version' which has no additional functionality over the free edition.

Windows Vista Restore is basically a scamming application that has proven to be very difficult to remove from a PC. When installed, Windows Vista Restore does not list an entry in the Add/Remove programs option in Windows; therefore, it cannot be removed easily. Usually, advanced computer users will utilize a delicate procedure to manually remove Windows Vista Restore. Manual removal of Windows Vista Restore is risky and could cause damage to the Windows Registry if the user is not careful. Luckily, EnigmaSoftware.com provides an exclusive spyware removal tool that has proven beneficial to assisting computer users with detecting and removing Windows Vista Restore.

Computer users are able to view updated details about Windows Vista Restore and obtain specialized removal resources on the Windows Vista Restore Removal Report at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/windowsvistarestore-removal/