New Website Helps Thailand’s IELTS Candidates

October 26, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Bangkok, Thailand - (October 28, 2005) - Many people dream of taking higher education in a country like Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United Kingdom, and for most Thai students, their first hurdle to achieving this ambition is taking the IELTS test. November 1, 2005 sees the official launch of a new Internet website dedicated to Thai students taking this test – IELTS (

“The IELTS test is difficult for many Thai students,” website founder John Hughes told us. “It’s the sort of test they may not have encountered before. It’s very much a test of what you can do in English, rather than a test of what you know about English. Some tests provide questions on grammar and structure, but IELTS takes a different approach. To do well candidates have to be able to write well and read quickly and accurately. They have to be able to understand spoken English in a range of contexts and accents. They also have to be able to speak in a fashion where they can fully express complex ideas effectively. In short, they have to be effective English users.”

IELTS is one of the tests used to establish English language ability for students taking on further or higher education abroad. Unfortunately, some feel the test is something of a formality and simply a part of their student visa application process. “Those taking test for the first time quickly realize it is by no means a formality,” Mr. Hughes suggested. “The IELTS test establishes whether a student has the English ability to genuinely benefit from English medium education. It also determines whether they would be able to live in an English speaking country, so the test covers both social and educational contexts. Unless they achieve an appropriate score, they won’t get into university.”

Although a tough test, Mr. Hughes suggests it is by no means insurmountable. Thai students with good English ability sometimes do not achieve the results they should simply because they are unfamiliar with the IELTS format. Solid preparation gives candidates an idea of what to expect and how to manage themselves on test day. “IELTS is meant for those who already have reasonable language ability. It is entirely written in English – you won’t find any Thai language on the site except in the forum. This was intentional; it gives people an impression of the level of English they need before taking on IELTS. The site offers a variety of tips and strategies with downloadable exercises that focus on areas Thai students sometimes find difficult. We genuinely hope it makes a difference and helps people achieve their educational ambitions.”

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