Wavelink Antenna Announces Significant Design Enhancements for VALU series of Utility Grade Antennas

June 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Wavelink Antenna is very pleased to announce the introduction of significant design enhancements for their VALU series of utility grade antennas.

Aimed at the mid-tier antenna market, where price points are equally as important as performance, the upgraded version incorporates significant changes that have a direct positive impact on the long term performance and durability of these already popular models.

"From a performance standpoint, the original design delivered everything that any operator would want out of a good antenna anyway: consistent, flat gain and VSWR well under 1.5:1," noted Wavelink's VP of Product Development, Todd Berreth.

"However, the enhancements will add years and years to the life of the antenna, with the elements welded in place instead of set screws, and the entire antenna anodized with Type II black finish," he added.

For an antenna line that was already a category leader, these upgrades will cast the VALU series as a premium performer, but maintain the price point at a mid-tier level.

"The performance to cost ratio just went way up with this upgrade" stated Wavelink's Director of Sales, Gary Tootle. "Increased service life means lower cost of ownership; why look at anything else?"

The VALU series utility grade antennas are available in the following operating frequencies: 450-470 MHz; 806-896 MHz; and 890-960 MHz. They are ideal for existing SCADA systems as well as entirely new systems currently in planning or the early stages of deployment, and can be proven to dramatically increase the ROI over any other mid tier antennas.

Wavelink Antenna Systems Ltd. is a Calgary, Canada based manufacturer of Premium Quality antennas and related accessories. Current products include Professional Grade Yagi, Omni Directional, Offset Dipole and Grid antennas.

The Wavelink Value Series includes select Yagi and Omni models.

For additional information please visit www.WavelinkAntenna.com