Sneezesafe Returns To Help Kids Catch It, Bin It, Kill It!

June 22, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Helping kids combat the spread of germs is Sneezesafe from Kleenex® Tissues; an exciting and fun school program designed to help kids learn basic respiratory hygiene in the classroom and at home.

Launched last year, Sneezesafe received a staggering response from the nation's school-teachers and parents, with 13.9% of all Australian primary and pre-schools, that's 150,865 students, taking part in the program. Throughout lessons and games the simple 'Catch It, Bin It, Kill It' slogan is used to help kids understand how to minimise the spread of germs through good hygiene and tissue use.

The rationale behind Sneezesafe was research that found an incredible nine in 10 (91 per cent) pre-school and primary school children wipe their nose on their clothing and hands rather than tissues, helping to facilitate the spread of germs. The research also revealed:

  • The average child in pre-school and primary school misses 4.3 days of school as a result of colds and flu each year
  • For children who always wipe their nose on hands and clothing, this figure increases to six days of school missed annually
  • 82 per cent of parents believe that their children pick up most of the germs that can cause colds or flu at school or pre-school
  • Just 7 per cent of pre-school children carry tissues with them every day or most days
  • Only 12 per cent of children in kindergarten year 3 carry tissues with them every day or most days

  • The key message within Sneezesafe's fun and entertaining games and lesson plans relates to a simple 1-2-3 technique for children to use to control the spread of germs and practice correct tissue use:

    1 Catch It Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze
    2 Bin It Throw the tissue away afterwards
    3 Kill It Wash your hands

    Through a selection of games and interactive lessons, the three-step mechanic comes to life in an engaging yet educational manner for children. Designed by Australian teachers, all lesson plans and games on the Sneezesafe website complement current state specific curriculum.

    New this year is the support of NPS MedicineWise - a not-for-profit organisation that enables people to make healthier decisions about medicines. NPS clinical adviser Dr Danielle Stowasser says programs like Sneezesafe play an important role in teaching young people to be health-literate at an early age.

    "NPS is committed to giving Australians the tools and information they need to make better choices about their health. A fundamental part of this is educating consumers about the cause and spread of some illnesses and what they can do to help protect themselves and others. Programs like Sneezesafe encourage children to form healthy and hygienic habits at a very young age and we're delighted to be associated with the initiative."

    Sneezesafe resources available online include three engaging lesson plans, interactive games and activities, certificates, sticker sheets and posters. Teachers are also encouraged to request a Sneezesafe toolkit with materials to teach the program along with free sample** Kleenex® Tissues for use in the classroom and Kleenex® Tissue Pocket Packs for all participating students to carry with them.

    All Sneezesafe assets are intended to be delivered to students in the early years of education using a digital projector, interactive whiteboard, computer or offline. The Sneezesafe website also contains an information section for parents so that they can support and reinforce school based activities at home.

    Visit to find out more about the program.