Nexersys Releases New Exercise Machine Employing Elements of High-Intensity Interval Training

June 26, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Nexersys Corp. has developed and is releasing a new piece of interactive fitness equipment employing the central tenets of high-intensity interval training.

With its new fitness equipment, Nexersys is positioning itself as a cutting-edge, interactive option in the burgeoning exercise equipment industry, a space that is currently worth around $5.3 billion in domestic annual sales.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, involves the frequent alternation of intensive, often cardio-focused workout sessions with brief periods of recovery. The core principle of HIIT is working out at or above your VO2 max, which is the maximum level of oxygen your body can intake. Working out at or above your VO2 max is very difficult to do for sustained periods of time since it's incredibly taxing. However, working out at that level is possible for brief periods of time, periods that HIIT is designed to take advantage of. Its rigors are such that, after an HIIT workout, the body continues to expend resources and intake oxygen above and beyond the norm for a while after the exercise is over, a phenomenon known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Taken collectively, high-intensity interval workouts are designed to help push exercisers already operating at a high level. The workouts also provide entry-level exercisers with a means to ramp up their fitness level in a comparatively quick manner. In a fast-paced environment where people place increasingly heavy values on time and efficiency, HIIT has become a more in-demand form of working out. The Nexersys iPower Trainer is well-positioned to take advantage of the public's recent groundswell of interest for the method.

The Nexersys iPower Trainer is a piece of exercise equipment known as an MMA striking machine. This striking machine allows users to employ techniques from boxing, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, and MMA training to strike at the seven padded accelerometers the machine features. These accelerometers gather data about how strongly, accurately, and rapidly the user's strikes are delivered. A 19-inch flat-screen LCD monitor displays this strike data, alongside other workout metrics such as heart rate, caloric burn rate, and more, in order to furnish users with real-time exercise analysis and feedback.

These metrics, taken together, furnish an exerciser with vital information about their workout. Nexersys supplements this information with interactive software that incorporates elements of gaming and mixed martial arts to provide a holistic workout experience. An on-board published professional MMA trainer will guide users through an unlimited number of unique training exercises. There are also unlimited free-form strike rounds that users can work through in order to try out their newly acquired striking techniques. Those working out with the Nexersys can listen to over 40 original, specifically commissioned tracks in multiple genres to maximize the user experience.

In an increasingly interactive world, consumers are demanding ever more finely tuned feedback from all their products. The Nexersys iPower Trainer does what no other core strike trainer in the world has been able to accomplish by making the user-specific feedback it provides its core strength.

The Nexersys iPower Trainer will be publicly available in limited quantities in early August. The home gym will cost around $1,800, which prices it competitively against comparable home fitness solutions.