CJD Aware! Proudly Announces Their Inaugural Fundraiser: Colonial Barracks 2011

June 27, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Miniature Historical Gaming has been a hobby for many years. Early enthusiasts were Winston Churchill, authors H.G. Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson. Current historical miniatures gamers & collectors are actor/comedian Robin Williams and director Peter Jackson from 'The Lord of The Rings' trilogy.

This hobby typically involves the use of miniature (6mm 54mm) painted metal or plastic soldiers for units and model scenery placed on a table-top as a playing surface with a set of rules to play by. Most miniature gamers generally prefer rule sets that can be used for any battle in a particular era or war. With a roll of some dice, they measure distance for movement and range using a ruler or tape measure. The same rules are applied for artillery and gun fire.

Colonial Barracks 2011 will focus primarily on the internationally famous British-Colonial rules set, The Sword and The Flame (TSATF), published by Larry Brom in 1979.

"Dad has been a gamer for 70 years and his rules set TSATF is 32 years old," remarks Christy Brom, Larry's youngest daughter and director for CJD Aware!. "He's somewhat of a legend in the miniature gaming community and our family and friends thought it was time TSATF hosted its own convention."

CJD Aware! is an online, information organization for CJD based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The organization was founded in the spring of 2002 after the death of the director's mother, Sara P. Brom. Mrs. Brom was 65 years old when she died from the classic form of the disease on November 12, 2000. CJD is a rare, fatal neurological disease for which there is currently no treatment or cure. The disease has been in existence since the 1920's and continues to be shrouded in mystery for doctors and scientists all over the world.

"Although research continues to this day, so much more needs to be done on this disease," adds Ms. Brom. "That is why we wanted to have a fundraising event, to put a spotlight on CJD."

A portion of the proceeds will go towards CJD research. CJD Aware! will have a booth at the convention with brochures, print-outs and other literature where attendees can read and learn about this 'silent killer'.

"Mom was a dedicated follower of The Sword and The Flame for many years," adds Christy. "We can think of no better way to fund CJD research and fight this disease than by having a miniature gaming convention."

With a toss of some dice on a terrain table-top, miniature gamers will engage in the toughest battle they'll ever face, the battle against Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Information about Colonial Barracks 2011 can be found at this link: http://www.sergeants3.com and further updates as we progress with the event can be found: http://www.cjdaware.com