The Fake Program 'XP Security 2012' Makes a Mockery Out of Legitimate PC Security Applications

June 27, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
XP Security 2012 is basically a poor excuse for a trusted PC security program due to its inability to actually detect and rid a computer of spyware and other types of known malware.

Security firms and researchers, such as the group at, have done extensive investigations into what the XP Security 2012 program's ultimate goal is. It was found through these studies that XP Security 2012 has a main purpose to extort money from computer users who fall for the many tricks that XP Security 2012 renders once installed on their PC.

XP Security 2012 is justifiably a false security application that has no business being utilized for seeking out and removing malware from a computer. XP Security 2012 was found to render an overabundance of fake system scan results. These results, in addition to bogus pop-up alert notifications, are used as scare tactics to ultimately push computer users into purchasing a full edition of the XP Security 2012 program. XP Security 2012 is not the only fake program tricking PC users. XP Security 2012 is a copied version of other fake anti-spyware programs like XP Antivirus 2012, Windows 7 Recovery, Vista Security 2011, Win 7 Security 2012, and Vista Home Security 2012.

XP Security 2012 basically attempts to mock the operation of well-known and legitimate PC security programs. Even still, XP Security 2012 mimics the look of trusted PC security programs to gain complete trust from as many computer users as it can, so they may eventually purchase XP Security 2012.

Usually after witnessing the many schemes of XP Security 2012, computer users would then trust the program and become willing to pay upwards of $70 for a 'solution' to their issues presented to them by XP Security 2012. After purchasing XP Security 2012, as stated in's XP Security 2012 Removal Report, it could put credit card information in the possession of a hacker.

When computer users are presented with XP Security 2012 through either annoying pop-up alert messages or system scan results populated with multiple malware names, the user should then take immediate action to remove XP Security 2012. When XP Security 2012 is installed, it is known to inject the Windows registry with different types of keys that may load into memory at startup of Windows. These registry keys pose a serious risk to the stability and normal operation of the affected computer.

Fortunately, provides a solution to the XP Security 2012 program since it has been proven to be difficult to manually remove. The XP Security 2012 Removal Report on supplies computer users with resources to successfully remove the XP Security 2012 from their PC. Moreover, a spyware detection tool is offered on the XP Security 2012 Removal Report for automatic detection of XP Security 2012. The complete XP Security 2012 Removal Report can be accessed at any time over the Internet at: