Lawn Striping with Stars and Stripes This 4th of July

June 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Bob Greenhoe's lawn always gets lots of attention. Neighbors, friends and even strangers pass by his Dewitt, Michigan home and ask, "how did he do that?" The inventor of the CheckMate lawn striping kit has been creating patterns on his lawn for years. Stripes, checks, diamonds, waves, wherever his imagination takes him. But to commemorate July 4th, he decided to try something new. He used his professional lawn striping system to mow the stripes of a waving American flag on his front lawn.

"I was mowing the lawn one day and noticed the stripes that followed along my front walk looked a bit like the flag," said Greenhoe. "So I went with it, added some stars and bingo, the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day."

The CheckMate is a weighted lawn striping roller that attaches behind the blades on any mower. The roller bends grass down. Whatever pattern you make is revealed by the light shining off of the bent grass. A striped effect occurs when the grass is cut in side-by- side rows, alternating the way the grass bends. A checkerboard design is achieved by cutting stripes north to south, then passing over the grass a second time, east to west. The Checkmate lawn striping system is built to last and easy to install. Prices start at $140 USD.

Big League Lawns was born 12 years ago when Bob Greenhoe decided to market the lawn striping kit that helped him achieve such dramatic effects on his own lawn. The CheckMate is the only universal lawn striping kit on the market: It can be attached to any riding or rotary mower for results that are truly big league.

Prices start at $140 USD. For more information on the CheckMate, or to order a unit, please contact: