Food Should Taste Good Experiences the Benefits of i-Sight Case Management Software

June 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Customer Expressions Corp.(CEC) announced today that Food Should Taste Good has implemented the i-Sight Case Management Solution ( improve the handling of customer feedback.

The Challenge

Before adopting i-Sight (, the Consumer Affairs Department was using a program that wasn't designed for consumer feedback. "We were using a system designed more as a sales database, so it was not conducive to our needs," says Fried. "We weren't able to upload information easily since everything had to be done manually. Data mining was virtually impossible because all of the data had to be exported prior to us running any reports," she says. Even worse, their time-consuming database was preventing them from using consumer feedback to drive business improvement.

As a growing company, Food Should Taste Good needed a system that could handle rapid expansion. "A year ago we were a smaller company than we are now, so we wanted to make sure we picked a system that was going to be able to expand and grow with us," says Fried. "We wanted to make sure if we started getting thousands of contacts every month, nothing would slip through the cracks."

In 2010, Fried and her team began researching companies that offered systems with all the capabilities they needed. They had heard of i-Sight, and knew it was a possible solution for them, but it wasn't until Fried attended a conference and spoke to someone at Stonyfield Farm, who had been using i-Sight for a couple of years with great success, that she knew she had found the answer. "The system looked great from the tutorial and the introduction, but hearing insight from a current user of the system gave us valuable feedback." And the fact that Stonyfield Farm had experienced the same kind of growth Food Should Taste Good was anticipating was reassuring.

The Solution

In the fall of 2010 Food Should Taste Good made the decision to select i-Sight Case Management Software from Customer Expressions, the leader in customizable, web-based solutions for managing complaints, suggestions and other customer feedback.

Aside from the glowing reference and obvious capabilities, one of the deciding factors, says Fried, was how user-friendly the system is.

"We didn't need extensive training like with other systems," she says. "Some of the other solutions were so complex, they required a full time person to be able to design and utilize the reports."

With a rapidly growing company, it was important that new staff could quickly learn and use the system. "We needed something that wouldn't bog us down and prevent us from growing. That was a big thing for us."

With i-Sight in place since October 2010, feedback from staff has been positive. "It still amazes us how much information we can pull out of this system using the reporting tools. The team here enjoys that you can open a case and everything relating to that particular consumer is all in one spot. You don't have to follow up with multiple people to find out when the last contact was with the consumer or what was the resolution. It's all in one place."

Equally attractive, she adds, is the fact that a higher level executive who doesn't have daily contact with consumers can see exactly what's been happening on the front lines with consumers.

"Managers in different departments have been able to customize their dashboards to show reports that are pertinent to their team's goals. We can easily analyze and drill into data. This has allowed us to notice trends which we have translated into action plans helping us to better serve our consumers."

The Results

The biggest advantage of the new system, says Fried, is that it has helped to enhance the responsiveness of the consumer affairs department. "We always did a great job of responding to consumers, but now we have organized and convenient records to use as references," she says.

In the previous system, the consumer affairs team had been flagging incoming messages in their inboxes for follow-up and sometimes using hand-written notes as reminders. The auto-assignment feature in i-Sight that routes customer communications to certain employees for immediate follow-up is especially effective for Food Should Taste Good, as are the tracking and reminders.

"Since we started using i-Sight, we've eliminated all of our duplication of work. Prior to using i-Sight, we had multiple people involved in each case, since pieces of information were spread across multiple spreadsheets and databases," says Fried. With everything in one place, one person can now handle each case. As the team handles more consumer contacts (calls and emails), i-Sight allows them to use their time more effectively. "We are able to spend more time interacting with the consumer rather than chasing down paperwork."

An unexpected benefit of i-Sight, Fried notes, is that the system has helped to unite the departments within the company. "Since we're able to run so many different types of reports we've found new trends, potential sales leads and marketing ideas we might have not seen in the past."

Fried is happy with the new system and its efficiency. "It has great flexibility and can mold to the needs of growing companies that don't want to be boxed into a specific type of system. The team at i-Sight will help you continually enhance the system to increase the benefit to your company."

About Customer Expressions
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