BackupAssist v6.2.4 makes monitoring backups even easier with SBS 2011 Performance Report Integration

June 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
BackupAssist continues to be one of the only backup software products on the market that integrates with the performance reports of Windows Small Business Servers, including SBS 2003, SBS 2008 and now, with the release of BackupAssist v6.2.4, SBS 2011 as well.

SBS performance reports give users a quick view of the overall health of their server, including any issues that need attention. With BackupAssist's Performance Report Integration, System Administrators can see the status of the latest BackupAssist backup simply by reviewing the SBS Performance Report summary on any Small Business Server.

"We've always done our best to integrate with as many of the features that are already built into Windows as possible. A business owner has already invested money in Windows, so it makes sense to take advantage of its capabilities where you can and when appropriate. Where there are gaps in Microsoft, we try to fill them with our own solutions, but where there are features that just need a little extra polish to make them functional, we use them as much as we can," explains Linus Chang, CEO and Lead Developer of BackupAssist.

"While the Microsoft SBS backup wizard is lacking in several key features, such as email reporting, user-friendly media rotation and full hardware support, fundamentally it provides a great way of backing up and restoring an entire system from bare metal. This is precisely why we leverage off this built-in Windows functionality. There's no reason why a third-party software vendor like us shouldn't integrate with features already in Windows: it saves on development time, which ultimately saves the consumer a lot of money without sacrificing on functionality," comments Linus.

"We'd already developed BackupAssist to integrate with SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 reporting, so it made perfect sense to update the software to be compatible with SBS 2011 as well," continues Linus Chang.

SBS Performance Report Integration is enabled as part of the normal BackupAssist installation and setup process no special configuration is required. After installing BackupAssist v6.2.4 or later, upon accessing the Backup and Server Storage section of the Microsoft Windows SBS Console, users will see a message indicating that BackupAssist is managing backups on your system.

"Upon launching the Windows SBS Console, a user will be able to see the status of their backup immediately within the server report summary, which has been directly inserted by BackupAssist. Users can even click the 'Details' link for a detailed HTML report of the BackupAssist backup," explains Linus.

SBS Report Integration comes free as part of a BackupAssist license purchase and works with any backup job configured in BackupAssist. You can download a 30-day free trial of BackupAssist from their website

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