Though Not Christmas Decorations, Decorative Back Yard Bird Feeders Are Not Just for the Birds Either

July 06, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston TX – July 6, 2011 –The Angel Decorative Bird Feeder is being sold by Christmas Decorations & Gift Store "to make your garden an oasis of peace for you and your family."

"Bird watching is an inexpensive way to find tranquility in the middle of our busy lives, and many people forget that their own back yards are the best place to start," – opines Joe Willmeth, CEO of Christmas Decorations & Gift Store.

Our Angel Decorative Bird Feeder is certainly not just for the birds, though they will thank you for including her among your Christmas decorations during the holidays. Our beautiful resin stone angel just begs you to join her in reflecting on the beauty around. 14.5" tall, she is sitting in her long gown dreaming and reflecting with a wreath of flowers in her long wavy hair. Her sweet face is tilted down with her finger in the air just as if she were directing the musical symphony while tapping her foot in time.

The importance of slowing down, either alone or with treasured loves ones and friends is undervalued in today's fast-paced society. Fill the Angel's bowl with bird seed, then break your fast in the garden—beginning the day with reflection. Our little Bird Feeder is also a great addition adjacent to an outdoor Nativity scene.

You will want to take special care where you place it so it is visible from your home or office, yet is in a safely secluded place away from running children, pets, or even snow plows and other machinery. Place it at least 8' from trees, fences or buildings which lend aid to marauding squirrels.

On those days when you can't get out into the garden for even a moment, just watching our Angel feed the birds from your window each time you pass by will fill your heart with the beauty and song of Nature. She will blend in perfectly with your artificial Christmas trees both indoors and out-a lovely life-saver as well as a serenely classic Christmas ornament in your garden. The discounted price of the Angel Decorative Bird Feeder will more than pay for itself in peaceful dividends.