From Tsunami in Japan to Super Vision in Jacksonville

July 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The story of Esther Ballack, a woman who'd had extremely poor vision since childhood due to high astigmatism, has garnered national media attention. After being turned down by eye surgeons throughout the world, her research and perseverance finally landed her in the hands of internationally renowned Jacksonville LASIK surgeon Arun Gulani, who gave her the gift of sight.

"I was feeling so hopeless," says Esther. "I didn't know where to go, what to do because every doctor I went to told me 'no.'"

After losing her business and many friends in the Japan Tsunami, Esther's luck turned around when her extensive research and doctor's recommendations led her to Dr. Arun Gulani of Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. She had spent years searching to no avail for a cure for the severe astigmatism that left her dependant on uncomfortable, hard contact lenses, but Dr. Gulani told her that he could restore her vision.

By designing a customized plan using his innovative skills and a "no-cut," "no-blade" laser vision correction technique, Dr. Gulani went above and beyond the standard LASIK technique to correct Esther's vision. "There are over 23 LASIK techniques that you can do, and you can design and customize the surgery for each patient," says Dr. Gulani. He did just that, and moments after her advanced LASIK procedure, Esther could see her world clearly for the first time in decades.

"I was not expecting to see this perfect," says Esther, who now has 20/20 vision.

To watch Esther's amazing story on CBS 47 Action News, please click here.

More About Dr. Arun Gulani

Known as the da Vinci of eye surgery and "Man of Vision," Dr. Arun Gulani is an internationally renowned eye surgeon and an innovator of futuristic surgical techniques that have raised the bar on LASIK and cataract surgery. He has dedicated his prolific career to the pursuit of helping people see clearly. His commitment to improving safety and providing vision correction results beyond 20/20 has earned him an international reputation as a passionate and gifted eye surgeon.

Dr. Gulani was the first surgeon in the world to introduce the LASIK super specialty of Corneoplastique , a series of advanced laser vision techniques that raise LASIK itself to an ART. With this wide range of laser applications, even patients who were deemed "Not a candidate" for LASIK (patients with thin corneas, astigmatism, previous LASIK or radial keratotomy surgery) can now hope to live a life free of glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Gulani has traveled the world as a renowned eye surgeon, inventor and highly sought-after teacher. His impressive credentials, consistent outcomes and passion to help people see make him a preferred choice for patients who travel internationally to restore their vision under his skilled hands.

Dr. Gulani also provides multifocal lens implants like ReSTOR, Crystalens, ReZoom and Tecnis for Jacksonville cataracts patients.

For more information on LASIK costs with Dr. Gulani or to schedule your LASIK consultation, please contact Gulani Vision Institute at (888) Lasik-16 or visit