Online Christmas Decorations Sales Yields Profitable Returns

July 08, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston TX July 8, 2011 - Christmas Decorations & Gift Store on the Internet has now replaced the seasonal "A Touch of Christmas" stores in southern regional shopping centers because "it is more efficient to sell goods straight from the warehouse providing customers a better selection of items with greater convenience and value."

"The ease of shopping for Christmas decorations online and the savings realized by not having stores in area malls have made an amazing difference. The entire mall overhead and most of the labor costs were eliminated by the switch," explained Joe Willmeth, founder of both Christmas Decorations & Gift Store on the Internet as well as the now defunct "A Touch of Christmas" stores.

The location costs, added employees, as well as the labor and costs of moving artificial Christmas trees, gift items, and Christmas ornaments between the warehouse and stores meant that making a reasonable profit was very difficult. Internet retail sales are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in these tough economic times because they allow customers to shop from home knowing that they are getting the best possible value for their money. Internet based companies are finding that lower overhead costs result in their ability to provide a wider range of products for their customers to choose from and greater warehouse space.

Because of the savings, Mr. Willmeth was able to expand his warehouse space, increase inventory and his sales while needing only minimal office space for the internet business. He has expanded the warehouse and office space three times and now leases 7,500 square feet of space. Within the first four years on the Internet, Christmas Decorations& Gift Store doubled the number of sales and one year its sales actually tripled.

The company's sales of Christmas holiday wreaths, gifts, and trees have now stabilized somewhat with normal sales increasing as the Internet market increases. Best of all, Joe Willmeth has stated that he can now focus more on supplying customers with the items they want, spending less time worrying about staying in business even as he is able to provide greater value to his customers. Shopping from home, home delivery, better values, and 24 hours / day shopping-what a great way to celebrate Christmas year round!