Christmas Decorations Coupled with Internet Marketing Equals a Shift from Location to Keywords

July 09, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston TX July 9, 2011 Christmas decorations sales are thriving in Joe Willmeth's keyword based retail Internet marketing store which has replaced his string of seasonal Christmas stores once seen in a variety of regional malls across the South.

"As an old school retailer I had to put most everything I knew about retail marketing when into the dumpster. The hardest thing for me to do when setting up a retail Internet site is changing our well established business name that we'd had for years," reveals Joe Willmeth, CEO of Christmas Decorations & Gift Store.

It is important to realize that the online shopper finds artificial Christmas trees and other seasonal products in a very different way than brick and mortar shoppers do. They search for the item they want or need in general times. They are not looking for a store named "Noel Shoppe," but rather for a "Christmas ornaments and decorations store." So while Noel Shoppe might have been a fine name for a store located in a mall, Christmas Decorations and Gift Shop is a highly successful name for a seasonal online Christmas store.

Search engines, optimization, keywords, links, and word density now replace location, newspapers, and trade shows. Understanding these terms is vital to the neophyte online retailer. Keywords need to be chosen as a business name in the retail Internet environment. The savvy modern vendor instead must capitalize on the search engine optimization (SEO) parameters that drive search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Christmas Decorations & Gift Store has accepted the new ground rules of the Internet and instead of maintaining a string of stores in regional malls with all the premium location, personnel, and delivery costs associated with them now has a substantially larger warehouse that operates from the warehouse office. Now all his customers can purchase an artificial Christmas tree and all its trimmings from the comfort of home and have it delivered right to their door with better selection and value.

Less overhead, greater variety of inventory, more sales, and happier customers have been the experience of Joe Willmeth once he threw out conventional wisdom and rebuilt his store on key words and the solid SEO principles of retail Internet marketing.