CHIRO 8000 Expands Staff to Meet 20% Increase in Demand for EHR Services

July 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Chiro 8000, a subsidiary of Forte Systems, Inc. and a leading provider of a award-winning medical patient relationship and practice management software programs for the chiropractic field has announced plans to expand its direct sales and IT departments to accommodate increased customer demand tied to its recent full accreditation as a certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider.

Chiro8000, says Forte Systems President, Anthony Schwartz, is expanding its sales and IT force by four fulltime employees in order to meet an uptick in demand for its products and services by medical practitioners who are racing to take advantage of federal incentives for implementing EHR/EMR systems meeting the U.S. government's "meaningful use" guidelines by December 2011. The additional employees will increase the company's operating expenses by roughly $200,000 annually, Schwartz said.

With its full certification achieved in March, Chiro 8000 experienced an immediate increase in sales, indicating a need to ramp up resources in order to meet what appears to be a significant number of medical practitioners who have yet to fully implement EHR/EMR systems.

"After quickly achieving our full EHR certification, the increase in the amount of all-in-one sales dictated higher volume in our Chiro 8000 sales and tech departments, and to accommodate that growth we are expanding our employee roster," Schwartz said. "With the additional team members in place we can ensure our customers that we are fully prepared to meet the obviously critical demand for our services and accommodate those medical professionals who have yet to begin the process of implementing their own systems but plan to by December."

Under the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act, the government is offering financial incentives to physicians and other healthcare stakeholders to modernize their practices through the implementation of EHR systems. Through the utilization of EHR and EMR systems, medical professionals, including chiropractors, are be expected to be able to offer their patents and vendors greater efficiency, quality and cost containment measures.

The developers of Chiro8000, which has received acclaimed Chiro 8000 Reviews, have observed that a practitioner's long-term relationship with his or her patients is the key to a successful business. The industry leading 8000 series software offers an intuitive layout and streamlined approach to patient scheduling, billing, electronic claims and EMR to help professionals maximize these critical aspects of their business.

Chiro8000 has received outstanding customer reviews for its Technical Support team and services, garnering recognition from its clients for helping them to simplify the ERH implementation process. In particular, the company has been identified as having helped many health care providers reduce operating costs significantly by eliminating waste and inefficient and time consuming practices, including dictated medical records information and paper billing.

About Forte Systems: Forte Systems has served as a leading provider of healthcare software solutions in the United States for more than 25 years, including billing, electronic claims and EMR for a range of medical care providers and their frontend staff.

About Chiro8000: ( Chiro8000 offers fully accredit patient relationship software for chiropractic professionals, including billing, scheduling, office management, marketing, EMR/EHR, communication, patient education, collections, and employee management.
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