McCann Investigations Announces New Mobile Phone Forensics Services

July 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
McCann E-Investigations (McCann EI) is pleased to announce the addition of mobile phone forensics and recovered text messages.

With smart phones and web enabled tablets and iPads becoming the norm, the ability to provide digital forensic analysis to mobile devices has become critical. McCann EI now provides quality mobile forensics and can provide the obtained information in a variety of formats.

McCann EI's licensed computer forensics experts create a proper forensic image of the devices, which products that are purchased over the web do not provide. The information must be extracted and stored in a forensically sound manner in order to protect the integrity of the data. Only data that is collected and stored in this manner can be used as evidence in litigation.

Text messages and other ESI (electronically stored data) can also be key evidence in court cases. McCann EI's mobile phone forensics will recover deleted text messages (if possible). The process follows all state regulations ensuring that the integrity of the data is not compromised and will be rendered as admissible evidence.

McCann EI's mobile phone forensics is just part of its repertoire of full service e-investigations division as well as its traditional private investigation service offerings.


McCann EI is the computer forensic/e-discovery division of the acclaimed McCann Investigations specializing in the investigative cases that are litigation-based or is required due to a data breach. McCann EI provides incident alerts and thoroughly reports findings.

Instead of hiring multiple providers and competing experts for your ESI investigative needs, McCann EI offers a One Source, One Provider solution for ESI-centric investigative needs.

McCann EI has been serving law firms, private industry, and government for 25 years.

Regardless of whether ESI is trapped in laptops, desktops external drives, backup tapes, cellular phones, smart phones, servers, hosted drives, or shared drives, McCann EI will harvest the
ESI utilizing the latest forensic tools and software. Our goal, as defined by Kruse in the 2002 book computer forensics, is "the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer data."

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