Pro.file Performance System Reveals Results of Client Survey

July 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Edmonton, Alberta July 15, 2011 Pro.file Performance System has released key results from their recent comprehensive client survey. Pro.file Performance System (PPS) is a world class personality assessment tool & talent development technology designed in Canada to provide strategic human resource solutions for small entrepreneurial organizations through to large multi-national corporations. They recently invited their clients to participate in the survey in order to gain feedback on client satisfaction, perception of assessment accuracy, typical applications, and types of positions using the technology & insights.

After analyzing the results of the survey, PPS were able to confirm their suspicions that the biggest impact from introducing the technology was improving recruitment, with over 60% of clients choosing this as their main application. Interestingly, the second biggest impact of using PPS was to understand individual traits in order to more effectively manage employees at over 22%.

The accuracy of the tool in describing a person was a theme that permeated the survey results as well. 74% of respondents view the accuracy of the Organizational Performance Pro.file tool as being 81-100% accurate.

General comments from the survey anonymously stated:

"It's like a mirror into the future success of your potential & current employees."

"Great assessment tool very accurate; as if they've read a book on you."

"Learn about an individual what would otherwise take you 3-6 months and thousands of dollars to find out"

An interesting demographic statistic emerged from the survey revealed that over 45% of the respondents were at the Director level or above with over 34% of this group being either VP's or President/CEO's.

"Considering the small percentage of these roles in an organization, we were pleased to see how PPS has become a far more impactful and strategic tool, taken very seriously by company executives due to the depth of insight provided." says Mike Moreau, Director of Client Development. "The high percentage of respondents in these senior roles shows the technology and training is having an important impact in recruiting, aligning & developing higher performers."

Pro.file Performance System will use some of the survey results in a branding project currently underway. The survey will provide a benchmark to compare future results against.

About Pro.file Performance System

Pro.file Performance System is a world class personality assessment tool and talent development technology designed to help build high performance organizations through deep insight into human behaviour. Through a combination of assessment technology and specialized training, organizations learn the impact personality has on individual and team performance. They develop a unique framework and language that enables them to discuss, define, find and develop high performance in their staff.