Popularity of Space Saving In-Ceiling Speakers Increases

July 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Space restrictions and the desire for a wireless home sees the popularity of space saving speakers soar, with Monitor Audio In-Ceiling Speakers leading the way at DougBradyHiFi.com

Moving house to get the perfect acoustics for an audio system may be a dream, but with a squeeze on income and job uncertainty many people are choosing not to move and to make full use of existing space in the home. When space is at a premium and a full cinematic soundstage is impractical, increasing numbers of people are choosing space saving speakers to incorporate a great music system into a small space. When space is at a premium, incorporating in-wall and in-ceiling speakers is a great way to fit a high quality sound system into minimal space, and avoids committing important floor space to free-standing speakers.

At DougBradyHiFi.com, there has been a marked increase in sales of space-saving speakers in recent months, with Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers one of the most popular choices. Monitor Audio In-Ceiling speakers are a convenient solution whenever space is limited, and are ideal for full house sound systems, fitting easily into a bathroom. Monitor Audio In-ceiling Speakers are also increasingly being chosen as a way to fit a high quality sound system more discretely into the home.

"We stock 18 different models of Monitor Audio In-Ceiling Speakers to suit all budgets and uses. The quality of sound is excellent, and they are perfect if you want a minimalist design in a room or do not want your speakers to detract from the decor." says Stephen Oakes, Product Manager at DougBradyHiFi.com

Whilst many space saving speakers require a compromise to be made on sound quality, Monitor Audio In-Ceiling Speakers use the same driver technologies as the cabinet models from the same range. The speakers offer excellent sound quality, closer to that of conventional speakers, thanks to a dedicated enclosure for the drivers which helps to create a much fuller sound, with excellent tonal balance, base extension and control.

For today's wireless world, Monitor Audio In-Ceiling speakers are an attractive option as standalone speakers or combined with Monitor Audio In-wall speakers for an ultra sleek audio system, or partnered with floor, stand and bookshelf speakers to bring high quality surround sound to any room in the house as part of a full 5.1 AV system.

Whether for wire-free look, to save space or as a discreet sound system, Monitor Audio In-Ceiling Speakers offer the variety of speakers to suit all home audio systems. Helped by the expertise of the staff at Doug Brady HiFi to advise on product selection and installation enquiries, the popularity of the brand is now soaring with online and store sales both at record highs.

For further information on space saving Monitor Audio In-ceiling speakers visit: http://www.dougbradyhifi.com/s-182-monitor-audio-in-ceiling-in-wall-speakers.aspx