WH Security Adds Home Automation and Remote Control To Residential Security Features

July 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Minnesota's most trusted home security company has just made safe even safer. WH Security's new home automation system allows customers to stay informed about and remotely control dozens of different devices in their homes. The new remote security control technology allows homeowners to check in on and control their home security and monitoring system while they are away through the web and smart phone apps.

"This service is ideal for anyone. It eliminates the lingering worries we all have about leaving our homes unattended," explains Lindsay Scherer, Communications Specialist for WH Security. "Wondering if you left your door unlocked when you go on vacation would no longer be an issue because you can actually check to see if the door is locked from your present location. If you did accidentally leave it unlocked, you can lock it remotely through the use of your smart phone."

The security company's home automation system goes beyond safety by giving homeowners opportunities to manage their home's energy use more efficiently.

"The main benefit, in my opinion, is the energy management feature," says Steve Walstad, WH Security Sales Manager. "By setting up parameters, customers can create lighting schedules that fit their lifestyle and save them money. By using WH Security's home automation system, customers will be enabled to control their home's energy use and see this capability reflected on their monthly energy bill."

Established in 1989, WH Security provides protection to thousands of Twin Cities' homes and businesses for a very competitive price. You can trust us to understand your security needs and provide the protection you desire. We offer basic home security systems, business security systems, home automation and more. Contact us for a free security assessment.