My Horse Specialties Introduces Protective Masks For Cattle, For Local 4-H Contender's Steer

July 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SAINT DAVID, Arizona, July 19, 2011 Since 13-year-old Colton Stirling began raising steers three years ago for competition in his local Saint David, Arizona 4-H Club, he has become a capable and committed caregiver, always searching for the best options to keep his steers healthy, growing, and comfortable.

Earlier this year, Colton found himself once again battling an ongoing problem common to cattle and all animals in the summer months repelling flies and other insects from the animals' vulnerable eyes, and providing UV ray protection from the scorching sun. He knew about a local woman who owned a small business, My Horse Specialties, that made lightweight, comfortable UV ray blocking protective masks to keep flies away from horses' eyes. He wondered if she could make one for his steer.

Colton wasn't sure how to contact the business owner, Christine Wydenes, and after a few weeks of pestering his busy mother to locate the mask-maker for him, the precocious youngster set out to find her on his own.

"The flies that get in the steer's eyes carry diseases and make the animal very uncomfortable," Colton said. "Some people use fly spray, but I had seen one of her horse masks and it seemed like the perfect answer to the fly problem. I decided not to wait, and just figured out how to find her myself."

Wydenes said the youngster took her by surprise when he first came looking for her.
"I heard a young voice in my yard calling for the mask lady, and I went outside to find Colton," Wydenes said. "He asked if I could make a fly mask for his steer, and I was happy to oblige."

Wydenes made several different masks for Colton's steer, providing him with a variety of sizes and colors to see which one best suited the animal. Colton was a bit intrigued to discover that his steer preferred certain colors over others, becoming agitated when the mask color was unwelcome, and calm when approached with a mask in another color that pleased him. With some trial and error, Colton was able to determine which mask worked best for his animal. Wydenes, who is passionate about animals and has made inventing products for their comfort and safety her life's work, believes that Colton's idea of creating a mask specifically for cattle could be used to protect many more animals in the 4-H program nationwide.

Colton's mother, Susan Griffie, says the cattle masks that Wydenes custom makes and sells through My Horse Specialties are an excellent option for steers and other animals in the 4-H program whose owners don't want to use pest spray, or who want to offer their animals a second layer of protection against flies and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

"They're lightweight and effective, they are perfect for Colton's steer," Griffie said. "He's a smart kid, he knew that these would work and he was right.".

My Horse Specialties (formerly My Horse Boots Specialties) began as a small business specializing in sturdy and comfortable protective leg boots and eye masks for horses, and has branched into a line of home, outdoor, equestrian and bovine products.

Concerned with the well-being of her own horses, Wydenes created a comfortable, breathable eye mask that keeps debris and insects out of the animals' eyes while providing UV ray protection at the same time. Using a lightweight solar-repelling fabric, these masks are dart- and pleat-free to prevent fabric from poking and possibly damaging the animal's eyes, or chafing sensitive skin., a subsidiary of MHS & More, LLC, offers an assortment of products for animals, in addition to household goods and western-style fashion accessories.

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