Captain Cash For Gold Charity For Gold Program Now Accepting Additional Charities for Their Donate Gold Program

July 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Captain Cash Charity for Gold has made waves by recently establishing a system that allows consumers to donate gold to charities. With a simple system and reputable, well known charities on board, the program has been helping consumers donate thousands of dollars to worthy causes. With their rapid growth, for a short time Captain Cash is now accepting more charities into their highly regarded program.

The process is simple. Those looking to sell gold can instead donate their useless gold to a worthy cause through Captain Cash. When Captain Cash Charity for Gold's trained gold experts assess the value of the precious metals, the gold is melted down to be reused, and a check for the full amount is sent to the charity of the seller's choice. The charities involved are listed on Captain Cash's web site, with a short description that informs donors about the charity in question.

Some of the charities already on board include Kids of Courage, Operation Homefront, Wildlife Conservation Society, and others. They provide a range of desperately needed services in today's society. Captain Cash's donation program helps fund support for children with terminal illness, families of men and women in service, conservation of wildlife and the environment, and other vital and pressing issues. With humanity's plethora of difficulties, there is always room for more.

Charities wishing to be included in this innovative and wildly successful program undergo a thorough acceptance process to ensure that any donated funds will be well spent. Those interested in applying need simply click on the 'For Organizations' tab on Captain Cash Charity for Gold's site. Basic information must be supplied, including the name of the organization, a contact name, email, and phone, and a knowledgeable representative will get back to the charity. This will set the process in motion, as Captain Cash does a rigorous background check on the charity in question, and considers whether to accept them into the program.

Aside for the financial benefits of the program, the donate gold for charity program offers great exposure to involved charities. The campaign is highly publicized in numerous areas, and associated charities can enjoy the benefits of the free publicity. Many of those looking to donate gold will often visit the charity's site through the donate gold link, and may even decide to donate more than just their gold to the charity in question. It's a win win situation for all involved parties.

The charities already involved have seen a large number of funds pouring in through this innovative donation method, as would-be sellers are happy to donate their otherwise useless gold. It is a highly profitable source of income for any organization, with no costly and tiresome fund-raising involved. Applying is fast and easy, and can mean a significant influx in funds. Interested charities need just visit Captain Cash Charity for Gold to find out more.