Discounted KEF Speakers and Increasing Inventory Strengthens Sales

July 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
KEF Speakers have a rich history dating back to the founding of the company in 1961. The brand was formed by an ex-BBC Electrical Engineer named Raymond Cooke, with the aim of using the latest materials to produce sound of the highest quality, akin to a live performance. KEF speakers were the first to use computers in the 1970's as part of the design and testing process, and the Hi-Tec construction and attention to the finest detail have seen the brand at the top of the field for more than 50 years.

The brand remains a market leader, and continues to pioneer new materials and cutting edge design to ensure its speakers reproduce voices and music with extraordinary precision, and offer a vastly superior acoustic experience. KEF Speakers are world renowned for the deep refined sound, with sufficient power to suit large rooms and allow the listener to enjoy a performance exactly as the artist intended the music to be heard.

Kef speakers feature elegant and eye-catching designs with the satin finish wooden panels and win full marks for style. The price range is broad offering all budgets the chance to enjoy their exquisite sound. Kef Reference Series 203 standing loudspeakers can reproduce the human voice with such absolute clarity and precision, that they justify a £3,999 price tag.

The breathtaking quality comes from the sensational new Uni-Q® array which is perfectly attuned to reproducing the human voice. Naturally for the price tag, bass extension and control is exceptional, the dispersion from the centre tweeter is wide, power response is even, and multi channel imaging highly stable.

Whilst these top of the range speakers may be reserved for the most demanding audiophiles, high quality and attention to detail is evident throughout the range. The brand is highly recommended at Cheshire based DougBrady Hi-Fi for the sheer quality provided across the full price spectrum.

Demand for Kef speakers has been steadily rising as customers discover the difference KEF speakers can make to the audio visual experience. The HiFi retailer has responded to public demand by making both the KEF KHT 3005SE & 2005.3 AV speaker packages available online, which are accompanied by an impressive array of KEF In-Ceiling speakers for when space is small, yet sound needs to be big.

Both the KEF 205.3 Home Cinema System and the KEF KHT 3005SE Home Theatre System have proved to be a big hit in-store, with sales soaring now website visitors can buy KEF speakers directly online.

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