When Choosing A New Air Conditioner - Bigger Not Necessarily Better

July 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
STAMFORD, Conn., July 23, 2011— As the summer heat beats down and energy prices are on the rise, many homeowners are seeking to trade in their old air conditioning units for more energy efficient models in hopes of controlling costs. MXenergy, one of the nation's leading independent energy providers, cautions people to choose wisely when selecting their next unit.

"The common perception seems to be bigger is better," says Marjorie Kass, MXenergy Managing Director. "In fact, recent studies suggest that one third to one half of home central air units are actually oversized. Rather than leading to greater cooling it results in greater inefficiency and higher costs."

MXenergy counsels its customers to take three factors into account when shopping for a new cooling system.

1. High Efficiency
Customers should look for in room units with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) greater than 10 and for a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) higher than 12 in central units.
2. Proper Sizing
Contractors should consult the manuals produced by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America which examine a home's size, insulation, direction and window placement to determine proper unit size. Oversized units turn on and off more frequently actually creating greater inefficiency and higher costs for the homeowner.
3. Proper Installation
Homeowners need to make sure new units are installed by trained, licensed contractors to ensure proper installation and therefore proper efficiency.
Kass reminds customers the quest for lower cooling bills doesn't end simply with the purchase of a new air conditioner.

"No matter how energy efficient your home air conditioner is," says Kass, "there are still simple actions you can take which will further boost your energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint."
Installing a programmable thermostat, insulating the roof and attic, choosing and using quality window blinds and awnings, and providing shade for outdoor units can also significantly increase energy saving

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