DevHub Helps Small Businesses Build Easy, Free Websites

July 26, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DevHub recently launched a free website builder to help small businesses establish an online presence. DevHub has already helped tens of thousands of small businesses create targeted web sites to increase sales and improve visibility. service is free. The Devhub site-creation platform employs 'gamefication' to make the process more engaging.

"Website publishing can be a daunting task, often well beyond the technical capabilities of small and medium business owners who would likely prefer to focus more on their core competencies and passions," says President and Co-Founder, Mark Michael. "The need for monetizing and search optimizing a website adds additional layers of complexity and are skills that are mastered by few." Contracting out the design and build of a site can be an expensive and protracted proposition, and customers are often left with static pages that they are unable to administer. Many website publishing tools may lower the technical and cost barriers, "but they are not sufficiently engaging and are quickly abandoned, creating a heap of half-baked cyber trash," notes Michael.

DevHub is an simple, low-cost (because it's free) and entertaining way to establish a proof of concept and customized online presence. Niche websites can be created within minutes using DevHub's robust suite of site-building tools, which includes social media API integration (such as Facebook, and Twitter), affiliate advertising partnerships, and quick content generation. While vanity URLs are supported, DevHub eliminates the need for dealing with domain parking and hosting…it provides these services for free, as well.

An example of DevHub's end product can be found at, an eponymous localized endeavor. Visit and in just two minutes you, too, can have a fully functional online business.

DevHub is a product of EVO Media Group, Inc ("EVO"), a venture-backed company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Seattle, WA.