Thousands of Brits Attempt to Exchange their Gold… for Cats

July 27, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It would seem that Britons are paws-ing for thought when considering money in return for unwanted gold jewelry, as a new online exchange website has revealed that the number of Brits looking to swap their old and broken gold for cats has soared., a site that promises to deliver 100% catisfaction when it comes to getting the right amount of cats for your gold, has noticed a recent increase in the number of people looking to turn their glitter into litter.

The site offers a fantastic exchange rate that it claims cannot be beaten anywhere else. Anyone who chooses to swap their shabby tat for a tabby cat can expect to receive only the finest felines for every gram of gold that they send in. For example, 1 gram of 10 karat gold, the minimum you can exchange, will get you 1.23 small (B grade) kittens, whereas 200g of 24 karat gold will get them 1.21 'very big cats', the best around. The gold to cats ratio calculator, valuations found here: scrap gold calculator, is based on the latest gold fix, as set by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and verified against the IMF (International Moggy Fund).

2,085 people have filled out a quote for on, looking to swap their piles of unwanted gold for a brand new feline friend. operates a simple three step system when it comes to claiming your kitty. All visitors to the site need to do is to fill in a form on the website, send off their gold and wait for their feline friend(s) to be delivered straight to their door.

Phil Williams, Chief Cats for Gold Evaluator of, had the following to say about the recent hike in enquiries:

"All of our cats are sourced from the finest breeders. We aim to provide only the finest felines in return for gold, and as searches on-site have recently dramatically increased, it seems that more and more people are cottoning on to the excellent exchange rate that we offer. We offer the best gold-feline exchange rates around, and aim to have your gold weighed and cats on your doorstep within one week."

He continued:

"Some people have voiced their concerns about how the cats will cope with the postage system, but we can assure all of our customers that their kitty will not be crumpled or squashed during their travels. Anyone looking for a cat in return for gold should visit our website for more information."